Kansas Bankruptcy Lawyer


The law offices of Cloon Legal Services (800-964-2957) have over 35 years of combined experience as Kansas bankruptcy attorneys and can help you with filing bankruptcy to get out of debt.

Kansas Bankruptcy Lawyer Erase Debt

We have filed cases for people throughout the state of Kansas, from Douglas County to Dodge City.  Although our primary office is in Baldwin City, a small college town nestled between Lawrence andOttawa, halfway between Topeka andKansas City, we now have locations available in both Lawrence and Ottawa for your convenience.
Our office primarily represents consumers who need to file Chapter 7 orChapter 13 bankruptcy.  We also do “debt workouts”, which consists of negotiating a settlement of your debts for much less than the balance.  Every day, we run interference to prevent creditors and bill collectors from harassing you.  We can, and do, put a stop to collection lawsuits and garnishments by creditors, as well as protecting you from losing your home in foreclosure.

How Hiring an Experienced Kansas Bankruptcy Attorney Can Change Your Life

Assisted by a highly-trained and efficient team of dedicated assistants, Russ Cloon, a veteran Kansas bankruptcy attorney, can protect your family from losing your house, your car, and your other property.

Worried About How to Pay for It?

We can arrange a reasonable payment plan that allows you to catch up on your house and pay back unpaid taxes and even car loans as long as 5 years, while wiping out your credit card debt, your medical debt and most other unsecured burdens. We can often get your non-mortgage interest rate on secured debts (cars, furniture, etc) lowered to as little as 4.75%.

Although we are able to achieve this in the vast majority of the cases we file, each case is different, so we cannot tell you exactly what will happen in your case without even discussing it with you.  However, at your initial appointment, we will put down in writing a full analysis of your situation, showing you how what we believe we can prevent you from losing, and what your payments will be to keep your house, car and other “stuff.”

Do You Need a Kansas Bankruptcy Lawyer?

  • If you are a Kansas resident
  • If you owe more than you can afford to pay
  • If your family has had to “do without” to pay the bills in the last year –

Please call us today at 1-800-96-HAWKS (800-964-2957) for a free phone consultation with licensed and experienced Kansas bankruptcy attorney.



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